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Human Xperiment

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Escape the Mad Doctor!

This escape room experience is a medium to high difficulty with extremely high levels of theming and puzzle creation.  Although it is not an attraction designed to scare you, it is intense and the experience is designed and built with the full creative genius of the Slaughterhouse design and build crew.  It is possible to complete the entire experience without any clues although they are available upon request. Each clue request comes with a 3 minute penalty that will be added to the final team time.

Each team will have a 1 hour window of time while the Doctor is away to try to break out by using clues left behind by previous subjects and some of the Doctor's assistants who have realized his wrong doings but are too afraid to alert the authorities. By using the clues left behind by other subjects, the teams will be able to piece together the secrets to their escape. Some clues are subtle, some are obvious but all play a roll and using every member of the team will be essential in completing the ultimate task of escaping this nightmare before the Doctor returns and their lives are changed forever.

  • Human Xperiment

  • 60 minute Experience
  • 4-10 people
  • non-linear puzzles
  • clues available upon request
    each clue costs team 3 minute penalty
  • 54% completion rate
  • 36:42 with no clues is the best time ever
  • Xscape Room #2

  • Our second escape room is coming soon!
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