SlaughterHouse has entered the Escape Room world and it will never be the same again for the Tucson market. Although it is not an attraction designed to scare you, it is intense and the experience is designed and built with the full creative genius of the Slaughterhouse design and build crew. There is nothing like this escape room within 100 miles and the residents of Tucson will not be the same again once they have attempted this experience. The level of detail and the history of the building and its remaining equipment provide for an amazing setting for a true escape room experience.

Human Xperiment History

Dr Drago performs non-voluntary experiments on human subjects to try and find a cure for the worldwide spread of the secret deadly virus that resides in all of our DNA. He has not been successful as of yet but that doesn’t stall his desire to keep testing regardless of the consequences to his mental stability or his subjects' health and welfare. Each test subject is used to further his research at the laboratory in his ever increasing desire to win this battle. Some test subjects do not even reach the testing phase as the Doctor will often predetermine, by looking at someone, that they are not worthy of the testing process, which is actually a less painful and a quicker ending to the pain that occurs during testing. The Doctor has discovered that evoking the fight or flight mechanism in his subjects' subconscious is the best way to get deep into their psyche, where the root of the virus resides. So hopefully the flight mechanism will help our test subject teams better understand the desperate situation they are in and help them to escape.

About Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have spread around the world in a relatively short amount of time. People of all ages and intellect levels love this team oriented puzzle based game. The basic premise of the game is to use clues and riddles to solve puzzles to advance your team through the experience. Most games have a 1 hour time limit and teams compete for the best times. It is imperative to work as a team and some puzzles can not be solved without the full team and the abilities of its members.